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Honouring your legacy

Our Vision

Conserve  |  Protect  |  Return

We are leveraging technology to build growth opportunities, while protecting the integrity of the business you’ve built. 

About Us

Driven by opportunity, we are filling a gap in the SMB transaction space. 

Family office and operator driven, we are looking for established businesses in need of an update.


Often overlooked by larger firms, these businesses have room for growth but lack incentive. 

Along with our own operations experience, we are building an active and dependable network of buyers, sellers and operators looking to preserve the fundamental values of a business, with motivation to grow. 

Strategic Approach

Our strategy begins with connection. As operators, we understand that you’re only as strong as the team around you, so with growth, we choose innovation over displacement. 

Whether that means upgrading systems, improving reporting, targeting campaigns, etc.- we start with getting a good grasp of the business’ current processes and layer in data analytics to determine best practices for expansion.


Our competitive edge really boils down to the combination of our fundamental operator and process-driven backgrounds, combined with the implementation of NextGen/AI technology and modernization, to tackle steady growth in an otherwise “sleepy” business. 

Investment Criteria

Focused on SMBs below $10M EBITDA with room for growth. 

Established business/team, retiring owner, seller financing. 

Recession resistant, North American driven, sheltered from overseas disruption.

Experienced Network

We are operators, working with a sophisticated family office network, to grow existing businesses.



Whether you’re a first-time business owner, or looking to expand your portfolio, we work with you to find the perfect fit.

We have, and continue to, expand our connections with business owners all over North America to find the best opportunities for our network. 


We have a qualified network of active family offices and aspiring business owners with experience in all different sectors. 

These contacts not only grant prompt access to capital, but because our network is built on core values, you can rest assured that the transaction will not diminish your legacy. 


For business owners looking to move out of their company, we at Vöxtur will take care of the growth and succession of the business. 

Whether that mean our partners step in and take on the operations, or we reach out to our ambitious network, we will work with you to find the perfect solution. 

Real Estate

If you’re looking to buy, sell or lease commercial properties, we have a qualified and active network.

We advise institutional, REIT's and private sector clients on the acquisition, disposition and overall strategy of investment grade real estate.

Our Network

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Toronto | Miami

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